Positioning Garden of Life Canada as the go-to brand for Collagen

Collagen Made Extraordinary

Positioning Garden of Life Canada as the go-to brand for Collagen

The Challenge

How does a late product entry in the health supplement industry stand out?

The beauty industry is typically saturated with surface-level products – topical creams, powders and potions that all claim to make you more beautiful. When Garden of Life approached us with their new product that empowers natural beauty from the inside, we knew we were up to the challenge of disrupting industry norms.

Garden of Life Canada is a brand that already had a strong product offering and high brand loyalty – but low product category awareness. So it was our job to create and execute a unified campaign strategy across digital, traditional media, PR, and experiential marketing to position them as the clean and traceable option for Collagen.

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The Objectives

Increase consumer awareness of Garden of Life’s Collagen line

And its clean, traceable attributes through targeted online placements and partnerships.


Position Garden of Life as the go-to brand for Collagen

Through concise messaging across supporting their mission to provide traceable & ethical products.


Improve brand affinity among Garden of Life consumers

By perpetuating the notion that Garden of Life Collagen helps you live as young as you feel.

Our Solution

Discover Collagen Made Extraordinary

Our goal was to make Garden of Life Collagen synonymous with the following: beauty, health, vibrance, and youth. To position Garden of Life as the go-to brand for Collagen, backed by their mission to provide traceable and ethically sourced ingredients within their products, we executed a two-pronged, digital-focused brand awareness strategy to increase awareness of the product line.

Engaging the right marketing channels to reach a sophisticated market 

Each of our initiatives served to build brand awareness, create and harvest demand. We combined existing and new creative with unified campaign messaging to deliver targeted ads to consumer demographics while continually tailoring our creative strategy based on results. These digital and social ads played a significant role in this strategy in terms of volume. In contrast, PR, media buy, influencer strategy, owned media, experiential, and retailer advertising entrenched the brand into our consumer base through product integration and education. 

Using stunning creative for an extraordinary product

Our photographer worked with models of different ages and ethnicities to capture the lightness of youth and the confidence of age. Our fun pastel portraits brought our models and their co-stars – large tubs of collagen – to life. We then set out to make our pictures pop.

Popping up at Vancouver’s wellness hubs

We set up experiential campaigns at yoga and fitness studios across Vancouver to get the new line of products directly in front of Garden of Life’s target demographic. In an industry of fillers and synthetic ingredients, people are reticent to try out products they aren’t familiar with. So we offered product tastings and the chance to win Garden of Life Collagen products and Protein Powders – allowing us to foster trust and provide value to potential consumers in real-time. Product giveaways also allowed us to garner email subscriber signups and drive social media following.

Our performance marketing strategy, photography, and videography helped us create a beautiful campaign that likened Garden of Life to beauty, health, vibrance, and youth. It also stood out and drove our key messages: Helping customers revive their beauty routine with anti-aging properties and 100% clean, traceable ingredients. 

The Results

Extraordinary Health, Extraordinary Results


YoY increase in in-store + online Collagen sales


Total impressions


Experiential activations at fitness centres

With a clever mix of paid media, digital ads, experiential activations, and influencers, the campaign successfully drove a substantial increase in collagen sales. But that’s not all – it also surpassed our impressions target and delivered several experiential activations inside various fitness centres, allowing consumers to interact and engage with the brand directly.




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