Pep and Pup: Launching a Feel-Good Brand

Clawing Our Way Into Pet Supplies

Pep and Pup: Launching a Feel-Good Brand

The Challenge

“When choosing our stock, we paws (yeah that’s right) and decide if we’d find it suitable for our own pets.”

Doing competitor research for this brand wasn’t fun. Each online pet store we looked into had a similar aesthetic and tone of voice. The sites were quite dull and sales focused. There were some cute pictures of pets but not all that much soul given how much people love their little companions. We wanted to change that, building a pet brand focused on user experience and putting a smile on their face.

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The Objectives

Naming the brand

through research and customer surveys


Build a strong brand story

by thinking outside the box


Develop an e-commerce platform

with optimised products and a user-friendly interface

Our Solution

Start as you mean to go on

A company’s name is its handshake, and we all know how unpleasant those can be if they’re not strong. Many clients come forward with an established name, but every now and then we get to have some fun and start from scratch.

Whenever we name a brand we take our time. For Pep and Pup, we had to consider what’s been done, the brand’s personality, how it hits the ear, what it says, if it spells out the business without being called The Online Pet Store. Everyone at Kipling was given input and we reached out to as many people as we could including family, friends and people online in order to get down to a name we were happy with. It may not be perfect, if any name is, but it has a ring to it, is playful and fun to say. That aligns with the brand we wanted to create.

The Results

Building a brand that’s fun and feel good has its pitfalls.


Increase in organic traffic month over month


CTR click through rate on ads


Return on ad spending


Increase in sales month on month

If it’s too cute, people won’t have faith that the company will follow through on its promises or take customers seriously. So, all of that design charm needs to be balanced with a solid user experience and products which are clearly laid out and of a high quality to build trust and confidence in your colourful new business. We just want people to arrive at Pep and Pup and smile. If they do that, then come again, we’ve done our job.



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