Building The Kushroom From the Soil Up

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Building The Kushroom From the Soil Up

The Challenge

How do you develop a classy cannabis brand?

Since legalization, the number of online cannabis dispensaries has blown up. The market is oversaturated. So, how do you compete when you’re selling a premium product? Even more difficult: how do you compete when the majority of your customers look at the price over the name of the product? This is like selling Chocolate Licorice Stout in Bud Light country.

The answer? Do what Vancouver breweries did. Make it cool. Make it a scene.

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The Objectives

Conceptualise a name

which connects cannabis and exclusivity


Make the product shine

with carefully composed product photography


Build a premium cannabis brand

with a bespoke website and an underground, speakeasy persona

Our Solution

Our client gave us absolute freedom in building this brand.

That all starts with taking the time to choose a name. Consider what you’re trying to say about your company. We threw around so many names, vetoes, and “there are no stupid ideas, but…”s that eventually sparks flew and magic happened. Paper, white boards, pacing the office… we took our time.

We wanted the brand identity and the name to be completely entwined. Kush is a kind of cannabis that any buyer can recognize. The idea that it’s a room, a place, somewhere you need a password or to know someone to enter, really appealed to us. And, of course, it rhymes with mushroom, so you get a sense of natural products. Maybe it’s not fun when you explain it…

The Results

We took what we know from cannabis marketing and blended it with what we learned from building other premium brands.

The result is a site that removes the stigma associated with cannabis and presents a smooth, pleasant user experience for any buyer.



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