How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy

One way to increase the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy is to engage your audience and personalize it for them. Too many companies produce random content without much process behind it. It’s a one-way street where companies feed their prospects information. If you’re lucky, somebody will like a post or write a comment, but that’s not genuine engagement.

So, how do you create an effective content marketing strategy? You need to gamify your content marketing. But what does that mean exactly? It’s applying game principles into a nongame activity or context – in this case, your content marketing. Often people are rewarded with points or badges and can appeal to the competitive nature of humans and successfully engage consumers with their brand.

How To Learn About Your Customers Through Content Marketing

Why should you bother with gamification at all? Apart from making your content more attractive, you will learn more about the customer as they go through the process. The better you know your customer, the better you can sell to them and make better business decisions. You learn their thoughts and feelings about specific topics, what they need, and where their pain is. It becomes a two-way conversation instead of you trying to force-feed education down your perspective’s throat.

How Do You Create A Strategy?

You don’t have to be a part of a big business or operate on a massive marketing budget to incorporate gamification strategies into your content marketing. Content gamification can work for almost any company and adapt to any budget.

You do not want to overcomplicate your strategy. You do not want to make it a chore to finish your content. Your strategy can be as simple as putting together a quiz and then dividing the results and sending them different types of content. A great example of this is the Five Love Languages quiz which you can find on their website. It’s something fun that you want to share with your friends. It’s something you want to post on social media. If you can’t imagine people discussing your content at a party, you’re doing it wrong.


It’s become harder to break through the content marketing clutter. It is not as effective as it once was because the Internet has become so crowded, and you have only a second to grab your prospect’s attention. Your clients are so overwhelmed with information that it’s become harder to become viewed as an expert. And if that wasn’t enough, people have become much more distrustful about what they read or see on the Internet.

However, if you use your content to engage and give them a platform to respond, then you will have a much higher success rate in a much shorter time. Your prospects will trust you, appreciate you, and buy from you. You won’t just be another anonymous talking head.

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