FitFloor 360



North West Rubber (NWR), one of North America’s leading recycled rubber producers, had already been outfitting arenas and fitness centres with heavy-duty mats. But in 2021, they were looking to expand their rubber flooring to a new sector: home fitness. The company hoped their new FitFloor mats and interlocking tiles would appeal to high-performance athletes. They had a high-end product, but no way to get it into buyers’ hands. FitFloor approached us to help them build a website, drive growth and engagement, and bring their brand story to life.

How do you make an inspiring video starring … the floor? We spent three days shooting six athletes doing six different workouts to capture the intensity and versatility of FitFloor mats and tiles. Our writers came up with a 360-degree approach: the camera would move around our models, splicing their workouts – and moments of pain and glory – together to create one circular motion. The end frame was exactly the same as the beginning: a clean home gym floor ready to power another epic sweat. Full circle, 360 degrees.

An entirely new brand, FitFloor had few assets for its website, social media, and digital campaigns. We wanted to steer clear of stock photos and unnecessary photoshopping while being conscious of the client’s time. So we brought our cameras and photographer to the brand video shoot. We took wide-angle shots to capture the space, medium frames to capture the workout, and close-ups to capture the intensity. We also got creative, curating gorgeous flat lay photographs to highlight floor textures, colours, and workout possibilities.






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