Liquid Plant Iron

Garden of Life


Kipling Media found an interesting challenge in creating a commercial concept for Garden of Life’s newest product, Liquid Plant Iron. The challenge was to showcase the strength that Liquid Plant Iron provides to people through an educational and inspirational spin. We wanted to showcase how Garden of Life’s Liquid Plant Iron uses only the highest possible standard and quality ingredients – and how easy it is to integrate into your day-to-day life. 

When launching the product, we wanted to maintain a focus on iron in the body and incorporate it into a balanced day-to-day life without attracting a negative connotation to iron deficiencies. Our final product became a serendipitous walk through beautiful green trails, along with several empowering scenes:

  • pushing your physical limits
  • the path to motherhood
  • ageing gracefully
  • much-needed self-care
  • overcoming your challenges

Each talent in this production encapsulated confidence and inner strength – exactly what Liquid Plant Iron does for you. 





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