Botanical Skincare Fortified by Science

“A buzzing name in Canada’s cosmetics sphere and the brand is only growing in strength.”

Botanicals fortified by science

A group of talented beauticians and business people came to us with a selection of premium beauty products that were incredibly effective – but no one knew about them. They had their ticket to success but needed directions to the station. We were happy to point them in the right direction.



Come up with a name

that sounds like something you know


Solidify brand loyalty

by being consistent in a fickle space


Design packaging

to stand out in a crowded room

A new approach to natural skincare

Starting in 2017, we worked on every aspect of the Neo Naturelle cosmetics brand. From the foundations we helped to develop the brand identity, working through product design, then developing their website. In conceptualising the name of the company and how the products would look we were able to shape customer perception once the business was live.

Making beauty beautiful

Niacinamide, vitamin E and squalene are excellent ingredients, but no one’s going to read them off a cosmetics bottle that isn’t beautiful. The products are next level, so had to have a premium look. We advised our clients on a sleek design and photographed every product like a star under a spotlight.

Centre stage

Every brand needs a suitable stage to perform on. In this case, that stage is a website designed to let the products sell themselves. A minimalist design, ease of use and a product focus were needed to make an impression. Neo Naturelle don’t throw out a careless array of products; they’ve refined a few premium cosmetics that elevate their customers’ features – their site needed to reflect this core value.

Growing strong

When a strong brand had been developed, we got their name out there and grew their recognition, social media profiles, and presence on Google. They are now a buzzing name in Canada’s cosmetics sphere and the brand is only growing in strength.



growth in the monthy followers


Increased organic searches