Rinse. Repeat.

“Works as hard as you do”

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How do you turn a product you need into a product you want?

Necessary. Strong. Protective. These words describe the Black Armour bed mat, but do they excite you? This description is accurate, but it doesn’t make your brain light up with possibilities.

This kind of product is like eating your vegetables. In fact, as a premium product, it’s the equivalent of organic vegetables. If you have a truck, you need one. How do you excite an audience about something that’s a healthy investment? Did we mention it’s also the sole product that the brand sells?

Black Armour find your bedmat page



1. Build a strong brand story

through video ads, photography and custom designs


2. Develop an e-commerce platform

via paid advertising, social media marketing, and giveaways


3. Drive awareness and online sales

by understanding the audience and with strong UX/UI that converts

A Truck Mat Commercial Disguised as a Truck Commercial

If a truck bed mat is good, you buy it, put it in your truck, and leave it there until you get rid of the truck. Again, excellent utility, but not all that inspiring from a customer point of view. On top of that, we’re selling a working man’s product at a premium price point.

So, start with branding. We used the iconography of the construction and trucking industries. Heavy loads, dirt roads, hard work, and long days. The mat is stronger than others on the market, it does work harder. We wanted to show a relatable picture to prospective buyers and create a resonance with how tough the mat is and how tough their jobs are. A multitude of locations, times of day, and activities lets the audience know: this product is with you for life.  

Black Armour bedmat product search form with a black bedmat

One Product, Hundreds of Variations

The majority of Black Armour bed mats are custom fitted. A custom fit means we have 22 years’ worth of trucks, 6 truck brands, and up to 4 models within each brand. That’s an insane number of products, each needing to be clearly presented to the user so that they can find the one they’re looking for. Making the user experience clear, streamlined, and easy to navigate was a must to drive sales.

Tradesmen know a deal, can spot holes, and know quality. This site needed to inspire confidence and be airtight. As a new brand under the well-established umbrella of North West Rubber, leaning into the parent company’s history in the copy gives a sense of history and efficacy. If they’ve been around for 50 years and recycled millions of tires, they absolutely know what they’re talking about. 

Performance Marketing

Research, refine, repeat. When you put in the hours to refine your audience you get the most out of your ad spend. We increased impressions and sales month to month while optimizing our ads to perform. The new site launched and soared thanks to SEO being considered throughout the whole development process.

3 Black Armour advertisements on a pastel pink background
Iphone 9 displaying Black Armour's Instagram and a Black Armour air freshener

Social & Influencers

How do you show off the range of trucks your mats serve without buying a fleet? One route is user-generated content. With content from owners and influencers who drive these trucks every day, we didn’t have to rent each truck for a shoot and the content shared was far more relatable and authentic.

The Black Armour social presence has grown significantly in a short time with a dedicated social media specialist planning giveaways and engaging with followers.



rise in organic traffic over 6 months


return on ad spend


increase in conversions month over month


revenue in two months after launch