About Us

We are bridging the gap between stories & success.

In our infancy, we at Kipling set out to do one thing in our journey through the wild world of marketing; to keep learning new things every day. Not only do we enjoy getting uncomfortable, but we thrive in it. Our innate curiosity and inquisitive nature allow us to step outside the box and look at different problems differently.

In this industry, you can never make assumptions. We know we don’t have all the answers; nobody actually does (it’s marketing’s worst kept secret). Our industry has become too noisy, so we’ve made it our goal to navigate specific problems and find the right path forward.

While our strategies are constantly changing, the process remains the same: It’s all about evaluating, executing, and performing. We won’t promise to move mountains, but we can certainly climb them. We credit our successes to the broad range of experience and versatility our team brings to the table.

Working with different people, from different backgrounds, across various industries means that we’re constantly listening to unique stories. These challenges drive us to create powerful narratives, invoking strong emotions and building connections with others.

Why do we believe in this philosophy? So many fads come and go. However, that hunger for learning keeps us forever curious, making room for sustainable growth. We stand by it. We’re proud of it, and that purpose helps propel us forward. When you work with Kipling, you welcome a team of hungry & motivated people who push the needle as a part of your team.

Because you have a story to tell, and it’s our job to bring it into the light.

What Is It About Marketing?

At Kipling, it’s all about the people and communities behind the brands we work with. We don’t like to limit ourselves to one stream of marketing. We’re looking to exceed goals, shake up industries, and sustain that performance.

While we love to preach about our passion for creativity, it’s important to get one thing clear. Everything we do (and we mean everything) is rooted in data. Data-driven decision-making is more critical than ever, and our ability to fuse our creative ideas with winning strategies separates us from the pack.

Now, enough talking. Let’s get to work.

Our Clients

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