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We’re a Vancouver-based creative and digital marketing agency that helps high-performing companies take the next step in their growth. The Kipling family is made up of passionate marketers and think-outside-the-box problem solvers. We start by listening. Then, we take the time to evaluate, create and deliver to ensure your brand reflects you and everything you've put into it. There's a reason companies – big and small, local and global – choose us to tell their stories and grow their business.

At Kipling Media, we’re thoughtful collaborators and industry experts, with a creative toolkit that will blow you away. (You’d want our team in an escape room, or keeping you company around a campfire.)

We aren’t here to cut corners. From campaign concept through product launch, we bring equal parts imagination and calculation. Our team creates the kinds of cinematic videos, slick websites, thought-provoking designs and digital ads that get our brands noticed. But our job isn’t done when we make something special. We’ll put together a custom strategy to keep your content fresh, your customers engaged, and your company on page one. We’re reaction-driven and results-driven: everything we do is as powerful as it is purposeful.

But enough about us… Who do you want to be? We’re the ones to get you there.

Ok, But What the Hell Do We Do?

everything marketing.

We’re full scale and full on. Our team’s breadth of experience – from Hollywood sets, professional retouching and the arts, to journalism, non-profits, and economics – helps drive your brand from idea through creation to execution. Website not working or wowing? We can make it sing. Need engaging video, enticing words, or explosive visuals? We deliver. We’ll get you ranking on Google, start you selling on Amazon, and keep your content fresh and your customers engaged. Whether you’re looking to blow up on social media or rebuild your brand from the ground up, we can make it happen.


At Kipling, it’s all about the real people and communities behind the brands we sell. We don’t believe in click-bait, hollow leads or flashy, one-off sales. We're looking to exceed your goals, shake up your industry, and sustain it. That's why we put in the effort to understand your product, service, and audience as well as you do, before we even begin. Think of us as one of your team.


Every brand has a story to tell, and things tend to get pretty... loud. We help you rise above the noise with authentic stories, captivating narratives, and dramatic brand moments. Our team or writers, designers, photographers and videographers are experts in their craft, and always honing their skillset. Have an idea? We'll make it happen, but better than you ever could have imagined.


There's a reason we fill out our team with business experts and economists. We're numbers people, through and through. We've been "performance marketing" since before it was a thing. Our specialized strategies lead to radical, measurable results: More clicks. Higher conversions. Exponential sales. From a single campaign to ongoing content, we'll grow your brand and prove our worth.

There is no "I" in Kplng

Sam Bukhari from Kipling Media

Sam Bukhari

Project Director

A Full Stack Developer and business-savvy problem solver. He’s a master of negotiation, a cool head in a fast- moving industry, and an innate performance marketer.

Amar Singh from Kipling Media

Amar Singh


A real Renaissance Man. Whether crunching numbers, producing a video shoot, or mapping out a marketing plan, he puts the jack in jack- of-all-trades.

Maya Pankalla from Kipling Media

Maya Pankalla

Creative Director

A conceptual genius and passionate storyteller. Her award- winning writing, clever creative, and broad media experience will reframe how you see your brand.

Adam Farrell from Kipling Media

Adam Farrell

Lead Copywriter

A head-in-the-clouds kind of guy. He loves to create stuff. He’ll find the words to turn your marketing campaigns into poetry.

Raymond Chen from kipling media

Raymond Chen

Web Developer

An indoor cat, he’s usually downstairs mastering something techy. He’s an expert in front-end development with uncanny attention to detail.

Ben Singleton from Kipling Media

Ben Singleton

Lead Designer

The visionary. You picture it, he’ll make it happen – but better. Every design, every web page, and every piece of packaging is on brand and visually stunning.

Sophie Bissonnette from Kipling Media

Sophie Bissonnette

Social Content

She gets stuff done. Fluent in both English and French, she’ll liaise with influencers, lend your brand easy charisma, and get you likes for days.

Kam Saiyed from Kipling Media

Kam Saiyed

Jr. Web Developer

If your meta descriptions are on point and your site is running smoothly, chances are it has Kam’s fingerprints all over it.

David Astorga from Kipling Media

David Astorga

Videographer & Photographer

The man with the eye. He lives and breathes lighting, brings the visual drama, and captures moments like no other.

Connor Miller from Kipling Media

Connor Miller

Graphic Designer

A designer and graphic trendsetter. He delivers aesthetic answers to complicated problems, with fun visuals and stand-out designs.

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