security cameras pointed at people, illustrating marketing data privacy

Marketers Beware: Pulling Back the Curtain on Data Privacy

Imagine a perfect world where marketers have unlimited access to customer data across all devices, countries and ecosystems. They have a crystal-clear view of their customers, preferences, and exactly where they are in the buying journey. It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Today, the unfortunate reality of marketing data privacy is not so simple; developing global privacy laws, changing consumer expectations, and new company policies are making customers harder to describe, actions harder to track and data more expensive.

This has put immense pressure on marketers and companies, forcing them to seek out creative ways around this newfound obstacle.

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2021 Advertising campaigns including no frills a cart apart

Best Canadian Advertising Campaigns of 2021

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How To Write A Brand Story

How to Inspire Customers Through your Brand Story 

Picture two different brands. Brand A and Brand B. Brand A is reliable, safe, and smart; It prefers safety over style and never strays outside of the lines. Brand B is different; it’s inspirational, resilient, cool, and constantly pushes the boundaries of what is achievable, never settling for less. Which brand inspires you? If you were to choose one to identify with, who would you choose? Crafting a powerful brand story is highly important for businesses and, if done correctly, can engage and inspire customers, converting them into loyal advocates.

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Kipling Media Recognized for Industry Expertise

The way you market your company affects how well you succeed. Why settle for a typical marketing agency for your product? At Kipling Media, we specialize in alternative marketing. We are a six-person Vancouver-based company that will take your initiatives seriously and operate on your budget. Kipling Media can help grow your brand awareness and bring in more revenue for you and your team. 

We have worked with a variety of clients from women’s clothing brands, to senior living communities, to the University of Manitoba. You can preview our work on Clutch, a B2B platform that uses client reviews to provide authentic rankings of service firms within their industry. We have been recognized by Clutch for our ability to deliver consistent products for our clients and our expertise in the marketing industry. 

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A hand using a mouse in the mid-ground with a keyboard blurred in the foreground and two computer screen fill the background and left portion of the frame

Bridging the gap between SEO & IT

As a Creative Marketing Agency, we work on all kinds of projects, and they come to us at a lot of different stages. One of the most common issues we see is when IT projects come to us almost complete but have not implemented a basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) setup.
We then have to go back, usually for an additional cost – thousands of dollars – and set up things like meta-tags, alt tags, correct page titles, keyword enriched URLs and, importantly, website architecture. Such a misstep can break the back of a startup or a young company, and it’s tragic to see – especially for something you can do right the first time.

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Kipling Media Recognized On

Today, we are proud and humbled to announce that has featured Kipling Media on its platform. is a review website whose primary purpose is to help people locate the best service provider to help them achieve their business objectives.

Kipling Media is a full-scale digital marketing agency that helps develop innovative ideas that weave stories that captivate audiences and bring a fresh strategic approach to business. We offer more than just the latest tools and tactics by brainstorming with your team to develop the best, personalized marketing solutions.

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Best Marketing Agency In BC

Marketing is all about making a positive impact on the people you come into contact with. Although many business owners may not realize it, marketing is present in all stages of a business, from beginning to end. It’s not about pressing people to buy, buy, buy or forcing them into doing something they don’t want to do. It’s about finding out how to make a person’s life better and fulfilling that needs – whatever they may be. A good marketer cuts through the noise to create something truly unique and memorable.

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A DSLR Camera set up on a tri-pod whte a microphone and monitor hooked up to it. All in front of a blurred out background due to the focus distance\

How To Film On A Budget

Filming anything, whether it’s a moviedocumentary, or commercial, involves many moving parts and coordination to make it happen. One person cannot do it alone. It would be best if you had a team of dedicated professionals committed to making the final cut as best as possible.

If you’ve ever done any filming before, you know there is never enough time and money. Even the biggest productions struggle with those two key ingredients – and getting everything done within restraints. A good producer makes the most of what they have and is creative with finding workarounds to the problems that ultimately arise.

At Kipling Media, we have done more than our fair share of videos and commercials, some successfully – and to be honest – some not so successfully. If you’re putting together a film shoot and need some help, we’ve learned some great lessons over the years.

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A collection of physical representations of various crypto currenncies such as; Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Best Blockchain Marketing Projects

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the future of money and finance. Whether you like it or not, cryptocurrency is not going anywhere. Initial coin offering is, in many areas, replacing traditional fundraising which allows for some interesting marketing opportunities.
Once the dust settles with rules and relations a little and with over 1,500 alternative cryptocurrencies in circulation, there is virtually no limit to what marketers can do.
A good online marketing campaign and planning can help your currency go a long way and increase the exposure of a particular coin which in turn increases the value of the coin.
We have listed some of the more promising digital currencies and how they’ve marketed themselves.

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A billboard on top of a building wwith the CocaCola logo protruding out from a white silhouette of a coke bottle

Best Canadian Advertising Campaigns

Great marketing campaigns go deep into our collective conscious. They become a part of all of us. We reference them with our friends over coffee, we hum them as we’re on the bus, and recognize them even years after they have stopped running.

The best advertising humanizes us. They show us at our most vulnerable and show us at our very best. They are more than trying to persuade you to do something. They make you feel a spectrum of emotions.

Since we believe in great marketing and advertising, we have put together some of Vancouver and Canada’s very best marketing campaigns. We believe these campaigns go above and beyond the typical, the day-to-day bland advertising and transcend into something timeless.

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Two black and white figures sit at a table discussing things while using their laptops. There's reflection in the foreground that indicate the viewer is outside the room

Top 25 Marketing Agencies In Vancouver, 2022

Updated Blog for 2022


Marketing and advertising are a lot more than putting together a few advertisements, designing a logo, or making a website. It’s about bringing together many moving pieces to tell your story in a way that is memorable and makes an impact.

It can be tough finding the right Vancouver marketing agency to communicate your vision and get you in front of your target market. There are so many different options out there, each with its pros and cons so how do you choose?

To solve this, we’ve put together a list of the top marketing companies in Vancouver to make your search that much easier.
We’ve organized them based on three different categories.

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Yellow shelves upon yellow shelves of yellow rubber ducks with red bills

5 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Marketing

Unless you are a professional marketer, it can be hard to know where to spend your marketing dollars. You have to rely on a marketing expert to guide you, but how do you know if what they are selling is snakes oil or not. The reality is that many marketers sell businesses services you don’t need or aren’t effective.

Of course, with marketing, not all of your money will see a positive ROI – that’s just the nature of the business. Think of your marketing budget a bit like the stock market. Put 80% into mutual funds that will see results in the long run but use 20% to experiment and put into riskier propositions. You might lose that 20%, but you also might hit it big. Any marketer who guarantees you immediate results is overselling themselves.

We’ve put together a list of things you should be wary of, and if a marketer tries to sell you on one or more of these services, you need to be armed with the right questions to ask them.

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