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We're full scale and full on. Our team’s breadth of experience helps drive your brand from idea through creation to execution. Website not working or wowing? We can make it sing. Need engaging video, enticing words, or explosive visuals? We deliver. We’ll get you ranking on Google, start you selling on Amazon, and keep your content fresh and your customers engaged. Whether you’re looking to blow up on social media or rebuild your brand from the ground up, we can make it happen.

While Kipling Media is a full-scale marketing agency, based in Vancouver, British Columbia we work with clients from all across the globe delivering quality results for all whom we have the pleasure of working with.

Performance Marketing

Whether you need help with your product launch, improving your SEO, or creating compelling content, our passion for performance fuels us to create dynamic strategies, becoming your ultimate driver of results. Our performance team includes experience in media buy, digital marketing, social media, and SEO strategy.


Our developers will build you a purposeful site with custom integrations, ready to handle a million clicks a day. We can build e-commerce stores, redesign your existing setup, or simply make it more efficient through UX/UI development. We develop our sites from the first line of code for scalability and performance. Whatever you envision for your site, we can make it a reality.


Our graphic designers create a visual representation of how the ecommerce website will look. They take into account the user experience so that customers are guided through the process of understanding what the site sells, finding what they want, adding it to the cart, and completing their purchase in a secure and smooth way.


The content you produce is paramount to your brand's image. As passionate storytellers, we know how to weave a compelling narrative into visual art that resonates with people. We can see projects from pre-production through to the final product. Our versatile team can adapt to any industry, product, or service to execute your concept to perfection.

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