Meet The Team

What makes a team? The individuals at Kipling bring a wide array of talent and experience... along with no shortage of character and charisma. It's time to get to know the people behind the orange dot!

Amar Singh

Director Of Strategy

A real Renaissance Man. Whether crunching numbers, producing a video shoot, or mapping out a marketing plan, he puts the jack in jack-of-all-trades.

Sam Bukhari

Director Of Operations

A Full Stack Developer and business-savvy problem solver. He’s a master of negotiation, a cool head in a fast-moving industry, and an innate performance marketer.

Maya Pankalla

Creative Director

A conceptual genius and passionate storyteller. Her award-winning writing, clever creative, and broad media experience will reframe how you see your brand.

Ben Singleton

Lead Designer

The visionary. You picture it, he’ll make it happen – but better. Every design, every web page, and every piece of packaging is on brand and visually stunning.

Adam Farrell

Lead Copywriter

A head-in-the-clouds kind of guy. He loves to create stuff. He’ll find the words to turn your marketing campaigns into poetry.

Eric Kohler

Web Developer

A perfectionist when it comes to building websites. He never backs down to a challenge and always strives to make the cleanest, coolest and fastest website you could ask for.

Sam Lin


He uses his technical prowess and creative vision to bring your concept to life. Anything can look good with the right camera and the right set of lights.

Fernanda Wolfe

Graphic Designer

With a passion for branding, web design and illustration, her philosophy is to bridge the gap between design and people. She ensures all her projects are inclusive, intimate, and unique.

Nathan Eraut

Performance Coordinator

A man with a plan. He's a recent grad with a knack for strategy, but don’t let the collar fool you…he's also got a keen eye for creativity.

Samantha Kroontje

Communications Coordinator

A wordsmith and a wearer of many hats. You can find her dreaming-up creative copy, PR campaigns, or stealing the last of the coffee. She's a versatile and clever writer.

David Astorga

Videographer & Photographer

The man with the eye. He lives and breathes lighting, brings the visual drama, and captures moments like no other.

Kam Saiyed

Jr. Web Developer

If your meta descriptions are on point and your site is running smoothly, chances are it has Kam’s fingerprints all over it.

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