Top 25 Vancouver Marketing Agencies

Testimonials – You should check to see what people are saying about a prospective marketing agency you’re thinking of hiring. They are often the best gauge of how they perform. You can look at testimonials on their website but also be sure to check out their Google ratings. Being that they come from business owners just like you, those cannot be faked.

Agency Type – Different businesses have different needs. A startup looking for some social media attention might be looking for a different type of agency than, say, a fast-growing brand needing a boost across the board. This information is outlined below, coupled with the agency’s specialties and top-performing sectors.

Portfolio – While the portfolio isn’t everything, if a marketing firm can show it’s done quality work in the past, it can likely do the same for you. We’ve analyzed the type of clients each firm has and what they’ve accomplished.

We hope this helps you in your search!

1. Kipling Media

Kipling Media website vancouver marketing agencies 2023


5.0 – 28 Google Reviews

Employees: 16

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency 

  • Creative team with strong web developers, graphic designers, and videographers.
  • Demonstrated SEO and content writing skills.
  • Trusted by wellness and health companies, restaurants, festivals and events, and much more.
  • Clients include: Garden of Life, Vancouver Christmas Market, Goh Ballet’s The Nutcracker, McIver Capital Management, Breakout Festival, and more.

2. Blue Meta

Blue Meta

4.9 – 26 Google Reviews

Employees: 20

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency

  • Quantifies marketing tactics to enable businesses to understand the profitability of each method. 
  • Prioritize measurable and creative marketing solutions 
  • Clients include: Jerky in a Box, Peninsula, Mariner Brewing, Orogen, Camp Beer Co., Inspire Dental Group, Cheviot, Donia Farms, and more.

3. Soulpepper


5.0 – 45 Google Reviews

Employee: 15

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency 

  • Strong clientele of fashion/apparel companies and law offices.
  • Tried and tested methods that produce results.
  • Clients include: Indochino, Obey, NLC, Alternative, Game Room Guys, and more.

4. Inc Inc

5.0 – 48 Google Reviews

Employee: 12

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency with a focus on SEO

  • Top Vancouver digital agency, specializing in SEO, SEM, PPC, website development, and social media. 
  • Proven to get the websites of law offices, industrial, and appliance companies ranking on Google. 
  • Clients include: Tsawwassen Family Dental, Ultimate Fence, Fraser Valley Building Supplies, Lone Star Plumbing and Heating, Bridges International Insurance Services, and more.

5. Monday Creative Inc.


5.0 – 23 Google Reviews

Employee: 15

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency

  • Specifically focused on apparel and fashion brands.
  • Proven to understand the personal needs of different clients and approach marketing accordingly, and individualistically.
  • Clients include: Adidas, Unilever, Herschel, Arc’Teryx, Call It Spring, JOEY Restaurants, Lululemon, Ecologyst, and more.

6. Stigan Media

Stigan Media

5.0 – 42 Google Reviews

Employees: 7

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency with a focus on Website Design

  • SEO-focused but have a strong website portfolio of local clients.
  • They primarily work with small businesses and startups. 
  • Practiced at working with real estate and home service companies. 
  • Clients include: King of Floors, North West Hawks, Mattress Gallery, Mattress and Sofa, Food and Beverage, and more.

7. My Loud Speaker

My Loud Speaker

5.0 – 40 Google Reviews

Employee: 15

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency 

  • Skilled in product launches and events.
  • Trusted by up-and-coming companies looking to introduce a new product or increase brand awareness. 
  • Creative campaigns with a diversified team of experts.
  • Clients include: Vancouver Island University, OCC National, Cave Spa, The Dial, and more.

8. Brandcamp Digital

Brandcamp Digital

5.0 – 37 Google Reviews

Employees: 16

Agency Type: Digital Marketing Agency

  • Skilled in SEO, social media, email marketing, online advertising, content development, and branding.
  • Donates 10% of their profits to helping non-profits and charities optimize their marketing strategies to increase reach. 
  • Clients include: North Simcoe, Holopod, Symmetry Message, and more.

9. Jelly Marketing

Jelly Marketing

5.0 – 30 Google Reviews

Employee: 23

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency

  • Works with a wide range of large and local organizations. 
  • Expert team with a diversified skill set, including podcast services. 
  • Clients include: Truly Lifestyle Brand, Nugu Handmade, Pacific Breeze Holdings, Big Mountain Food Audit, Marketing News Canada, CBM Layers, and more.

10. Immersion Creative


5.0 – 22 Google Reviews

Employee: 8

Agency Type: Full-Service Advertising Agency

  • A hardworking and award-winning team that treats your company like they are an in-house marketing department. 
  • Experienced PR department specializes in working with service-based companies.
  • Clients include: Shearwater, Canadian Mental Health Association, Coquitlam Continuing Education, Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia, and more.

11. BragDeal Web Design Vancouver

BragDeal Web Design Vancouver

4.9 – 128 Google Reviews

Employee: 6

Agency Type: Web Development Agency

  • Digital agency offers SEO, video animation, and SEO with specific knowledge in web development.
  • Over 40 years of combined staff experience. 
  • Clients include: DC Forming, Unify, 360 Land Surveying, CloudMD, FineShine Auto Care, Iridia Medical, PuckPreps, and more. 

12. Pacific Creative Group

Pacific Creative Group

4.9 – 76 Google Reviews

Employee: 29

Agency Type: Full Service Web Design Agency

  • For small to mid-sized businesses looking for a desktop and mobile web design boost. 
  • Specializes in creating highly effective WordPress websites that drive revenue and direct traffic. 
  • Clients include: Jazzer, Elegance, Adaptive, Drett, Taggore, Lead Gen, Floor and Door, and more.

13. Cucumber Marketing Inc.

Cucumber Marketing Inc

5.0 – 17 Google Reviews

Employees: 4

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency

  • A 100% female owned and operated creative marketing team.
  • Proven expertise in lead generation and conversion optimization. 
  • Focus on web design, digital marketing, branding strategy, and social media. 
  • Clients include: Jag Fabrication, Three Foragers Bee Co., Sepro Mineral Systems, Nannies on Call, Fort Park Real Estate, and more.

14. AntiSocial Solutions

AntiSocial Solutions

4.7 – 43 Google Reviews

Employee: 51

Agency Type: Digital and Social Marketing Agency

  • A data-driven and social-first agency that prioritizes strategy and increasing brand reach.
  • Primarily help brands create connections using social media.
  • Worked with: 7-Eleven, Bootlegger, Arcane, Herschel, Netflix, Revennesse, and more.

15. KEY Marketing

Key Marketing

4.9 – 52 Google Reviews

Employee: 68

Agency Type: Real Estate Marketing Agency

  • Provides marketing services for real estate, development, and construction companies.
  • Marketed and sold over $8 billion worth of real estate across British Columbia using “The Key Marketing System.” 
  • Clients include: Contour Metrotown, Westland Living, Metro Vancouver, Seasons, and more.

16. Studiothink


4.9 – 35 Google Reviews

Employee: 17

Agency Type: Web Design and Branding Agency

  • Rebranding, digital marketing, logos, brand strategy and positioning with a web design niche. 
  • Work with all kinds of organizations, but have more experience with manufacturing, industrial and construction companies. 
  • Create “badass” websites for people and companies with “rebel hearts.”
  • Clients include: Kanata Blanket, Highstreet Accommodations, MYR Group, Jacob Bros., Honeybee Centre, Eurorite, and more.

17. Social T

Social T

5.0 – 82 Google Reviews

Employee: 3

Agency Type: Social Media Agency

  • A boutique agency with experience in strategy and achieving long-term social media success. 
  • Demonstrated success working with real estate, wellness, and financial organizations. 
  • Clients include: Prometheus Wealth Management, Toast, Western Media Group, BC Tech, CAI Capital Partners, and more.

18. Stir Marketing Agency

Stir Marketing Agency

5.0 – 9 Google Reviews

Employee:  5

Agency Type: Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency

  • Social media marketing and full service digital marketing. 
  • Work within many industry sectors, but have the most experience in travel and tourism, health and fitness, and education.
  • Demonstrated ability to help bolster brand awareness by greeting and executing social media strategies.

19. Skunkworks Creative Group Inc.

Skunkworks Creative Group Inc.

5 – 8 Google Reviews

Employee: 4

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency

  • Branding for professional organizations: law, medicine, finance, education, technology, and engineering. 
  • A marketing agency with “law firm DNA.”
  • Work with small and large organizations, assisting marketing departments and/or fully executing branding strategy.
  • Clients include: Murphy Battista LLP, Canada West Veterinary Specialists, HHBG Lawyers, KMSC Law LLP, and more.

20. Digital Hot Sauce

Digital Hot Sauce

5 – 7 Google Reviews

Employee: 14 (not including Lilo, the office support dog).

Agency Type: Digital Marketing Agency

  • Creative team with an entrepreneurial mindset and a commitment to delivering value. 
  • SEO focused agency. 
  • Clients include: Ciele Athletics, Oceanwise, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Stanley Park Brewing, Batch Skin Care, Mill Street Brewing, Inbox Booths, and more.

21. EveryDayDreamers


5.0 – 18 Google Reviews

Employees: 7

Agency Type: Digital Marketing Agency

  • A client-focused agency that uses tried methods with a creative twist.
  • Focus on building credibility, creating a compelling core message, and driving traffic.
  • Offer a free website report.
  • Clients include: Envision Painting, Richmond Hospital, Brentwood Clinic, and more.

22. Magnolia Communications

Magnolia Communications

5.0 – 7 Google Reviews

Employees: 11

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency and Public Relations Firm

  • A team with a diverse skill set with national communications experience. 
  • Expertise in all sectors of marketing, with a specific passion for public relations. 
  • Most clients are in the B2B market. 
  • Clients include: Blueshore Financial, End-to-end Webinar Solutions, ACR Systems Inc., SureWerx, Conexiom, Greenlines, Phantom Screens, and more.

23. Optimized Webmedia Marketing

Optimized Webmedia Marketing

5.0 – 57 Google Reviews

Employees: 20

Agency Type: Digital Marketing Agency

  • A results driven agency with expertise in internet marketing and a specific focus on SEO, SEM, and social media advertising. 
  • They quantify all results, so you know exactly where your dollar is going.

24. Massive Media

Massive Media

4.9 – 15 Google Reviews

Employees: 31

Agency Type: Full-Service Marketing Agency 

  • Creative and modern brand presence.
  • Trusted by organizations looking for professional branding with a contemporary feel.
  • Clients include: Queen’s Alumni Review, Mind by Maple, DAANAA, and Prenuvo.

25. War Room Inc

War Room Inc

4.8 – 40 Google Reviews

Employee: 25

Agency Type: Digital Marketing and Programmatic Advertising Agency

  • They do one thing, and they do it well: programmatic ads. 
  • Ensure their clients know exactly where their digital ad spend is going and how to optimize it. 
  • Specialize in ski, athletics, and sports apparel.
  • Clients include: SkiBig3, Whistler Medical Aesthetics, Vancouver Canucks, Adidas, Destination Greater Victoria, Sun Peaks, Kasba Lake Lodge, and more.