Top 25 Marketing Agencies In Vancouver, 2022

Updated Blog for 2022


Marketing and advertising are a lot more than putting together a few advertisements, designing a logo, or making a website. It’s about bringing together many moving pieces to tell your story in a way that is memorable and makes an impact.

It can be tough finding the right Vancouver marketing agency to communicate your vision and get you in front of your target market. There are so many different options out there, each with its pros and cons so how do you choose?

To solve this, we’ve put together a list of the top marketing companies in Vancouver to make your search that much easier.
We’ve organized them based on three different categories.

Testimonials – You should check to see what people are saying about a prospective marketing agency you’re thinking of hiring. They are often the best gauge of how they perform. You can look at testimonials on their website but specifically check out their Google ratings. They cannot be faked and are a genuine opinion of someone in a similar situation as you.

Portfolio – While the portfolio isn’t everything, if a marketing firm can show it’s done quality work in the past, it can likely do the same for you. We’ve analyzed the type of clients each firm has and what they’ve done for them and rated them accordingly.

Expertise – How long a marketing agency has been around, the type of people it has on its team, and their background are all relevant factors when considering who to hire.


Kipling Media


5 – 28 Google Reviews

Employee: 7

Agency Type: Full Scale Agency

  • Good Web presence
  • Strong web development skills, creative campaigns,
  • Web development and Graphic designer in-house,
  • Good SEO. Strong Content Writing.
  • Large portfolio for a small size company.

2. Soul Pepper

5 – 17 Google Reviews

Employee: 12

Agency Type: Full-Scale Agency

  • Have worked with clients like Obey, Palladium, IndoChino.
  • Strong Clientele of fashion/apparel companies and law offices.
  • Tried and tested methods that produce results.

3. Kika Inc.

5 – 6 Google Reviews

Employee: 18

Agency Type: Full-Scale Agency

  • Good web presence, nice images.
  • Local clients like Kubota etc.
  • Based in Vancouver with another office in Montreal.
  • Good content creation in video, graphics, and writing.
  • Provide PR and Social Media services

4. My Loud Speaker

4.9 – 9 Google Reviews

Employee: 8

Agency Type: Full-Scale Marketing Agency

  • The website is modern with very good content
  • A mid-sized company with clients like Vancouver Island University, Robson Street business association
  • Creative Advertising solutions, Strong branding, and print media


5. Stigan Media Inc.

5 – 13 Google Reviews

Employees: 5

Agency Type: Full-scale agency

  • SEO focused but have a strong website portfolio of local clients.
  • They primarily work with local small business and startups.
  • Stigan offers a free website audit.

6. Jelly Marketing

5 – 33 Google Reviews

Employees: 19

Agency Type: Full-scale agency

  • A well-rounded agency that offers PR, SEO, media buying, social media, video services and more!
  • Works with medium to large-scale businesses, including 7-Eleven, LAZBOY, Lego, Coast Capital & more.
  • Strong social media presence.

7. Anti Social Media Solutions

4.7 – 12 Google Reviews

Employee: 8-10

Agency Type: Full Scale

  • Multi-locations,
  • Clients like Cactus club, Daily Hive, Fairmont hotel, Oakwyn Realty, UBC, Whitespot etc.
  • Primarily based in Vancouver, with a few employees in Toronto.
  • Good Video Production skills and strong social media presence.

8. 6s Marketing – Now Major Tom

4.5 – 15 Google Reviews

Employees: 14

  • Full-Scale Marketing Agency, Multiple offices
  • Website is up to date with good content,
  • Mid-sized company with clients like MEC, Expedia Cruise, Pirelli,
  • Strong SEO, PPC and PPV strategies.

9. Immersion Creative

4.7 – 13 Google Reviews

Employee: 5-8

Agency Type: Full-Scale marketing Agency

  • Great Creativity and passion in their work.
  • Interesting campaigns. Vancouver Based Agency.
  • They won Gold at the 2016 International Summit Awards for their work with The Umbrella Shop.

10. Magnolia Communications


5 – 2 Google Reviews

Employee: 9

Agency Type: PR and marketing

  • Focused on financial institutions
  • B2B Business PR and Marketing.
  • They are a full-service team with clients from Business in Vancouver to Wealth Professional.
  • They specialize in media relations and have landed their clients on networks such as CBC, CTV, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV.

11. Marwick Marketing

5 – 4 Google Reviews

Employee: 11

Agency Type: Seo optimization, social media

  • Strong SEO services.
  • Primarily in Vancouver but satellite offices across the country.
  • They are Google Partners and they primarily focus on Adwords, YouTube Advertising, Remarketing, and Google Shopping.
  • They have an impressive array of clients including Canadian Tire, Great Canadian Oil Change, and Guildford Town Centre.

12. Cossette

4.5 – 2 Google Reviews

Employee: 21

Agency Type: Full-scale agency, creative content

  • One of the largest advertising agencies in Canada, their headquarters is in Montreal with offices in Toronto, Quebec City and Vancouver.
  • They specialize in video production and commercials.
  • Good Content, great graphics, great clients (BMW, McDonald’s, Sephora, Telus, UBC, VIA Rail).

13. Curve Communications

5 – 2 Google Reviews

Employees: 7

Agency Type: PR and Social Media Focused agency

  • Non-profit organization clients (Heart and Stroke, Unicef, Canadian Blood Services, etc)
  • They are known for their PR and their training including media and marketing bootcamps.
  • Their CEO wrote a book on Grassroots marketing and building your small business.

14. Studio Think

5 – 12 Google Reviews

Employee: 13

Agency Type: Full-scale agency

  • Known for their creativity and their out-of-the-box thinking for their clients which include wealth management firms, interior design agencies, and real estate agents.
  • A mid-sized company with local clients, strong web development, and print media.

15. Skunkworks


5 – 6 Google Reviews

Employee: 8

Agency Type: Full Scale, law firms focused

  • Provide marketing services specifically for Vancouver lawyers but help a variety of other businesses.
  • As Google Partners they can leverage their knowledge and skills to boost their clients Google rankings.
  • Their clients include BTM Lawyers, Courthouse Libraries, and Canada West Veterinary Clinic.

16. Bowery Creative


5 – 2 Google Reviews

Employee: 3

Agency Type: Marketing, SEO, Web Design

  • Modern website, creative graphic designer and web developer on team.
  • Based in Vancouver, they help their clients get more business through SEO and digital marketing.
  • They are also experts in e-commerce and recommend Shopify as your CMS of choice.

17. M2O Digital Agency

No Google Reviews

Employee: 1-3

Agency Type: Video Production

  • Video Filming
  • Clients include Vancity and an explainer video for Macleod & Company.
  • Full-service broadcast studio and an award-winning production crew to executive your creative idea and make it a reality.

18. Think Profits

5 – 25 Google Reviews

Employee:  8-14

Agency Type: SEO, Social Media and, Web development

  • Modern-style of Web development and strong graphic design skills.
  • With both online and offline strategy, they are a full-service marketing agency for SEO, web design, content development.
  • They have transparent pricing without any long-term contracts.

19. Key Marketing

5 – 1 Google Reviews

Employee: 6

Agency Type: Real Estate focused

  • Key Marketing focuses on real estate and development projects.
  • Located in Mount Pleasant area, they partner with local realtors so their clients can services specifically designed for real estate.
  • These services include rezoning assistance, marketing research, and leasing.

20. R Town

5 – 2 Google Reviews

Employee: 11

Agency Type: Hospitality, Retail, Professional services

  • They are a creative advertising agency with marketing, design and app experience.
  • Their clients include The Cat Hospital in Kamloops, Cloud 9 Spa, and Dubrule Electric.
  • Focus on small Vancouver-based businesses.

21. Tenato


Employees: 8

Agency Type: Marketing consultant

  • Their name represents tenacity, and they specialize in a three-prong approach which is research, strategy, and execution.
  • With over twenty years of experience, they specialize in small businesses and startups.
  • With belief in honesty, energy, and determination as a starting point for any long-term relationship, they deliver results their clients are looking for.

22. Cucumber Marketing


5 – 4 Google Reviews

Employees: 4

Full-Scale Marketing Agency

  • Creative, modern website work and amazing content.
  • They are a small company with local clients.
  • They are a local, hip agency that provides outstanding results and has clients across Canada and the United States.

23. Popcorn Media


4.5 – 4 Google Reviews

Employees: 4-7

Full-Scale Marketing Agency

  • They are a small company with local clients but also with some big ones like Rogers.
  • Strategy, Content Creation, Creative

24. Riverbed Marketing


5 – 13 Google Reviews

Employees: 8

Agency Type: Tech, Real estate, Healthcare Marketing

  • With a strong client base which includes Disney, Travellers, and AspenClean, they are a goal based inbound marketing agency.
  • Located in Vancouver, BC. They offer pragmatic, creative solutions.

25. Stir Marketing

5 – 1 Google Reviews

Employee: 2-3

Agency Type: SEO, Social Media, Google analytics

  • They mostly work in Social media and teaching your company how to use them.
  • Their clients include Tourism Vancouver Island, Tourism Victoria, Pharmasave, and Trinity Western University.