How do you get yet another wellness product to stand out?

Two phones with images of women on pastel backgrounds with plastic containers of Garden of Life collagen

It’s no secret: the supplements sector is saturated with powders and pills. So when Garden of Life, a global leader in health supplements, approached us about creating a campaign for their new line of Collagen –  essentially both a beauty product and a health supplement – we knew we didn’t want to just add to the noise. 

For this project, we worked with what the brand already had: strong packaging in bright pastel colours, and a target demographic for each of their products (Collagen Beauty, Collagen Peptides, and Collagen Turmeric). Then, we set out to make the project pop… on screen, on billboards, and on Amazon. Because you can’t put a price tag on aging well.

3 containers of Garden of Life collagen of various sizes on a table in front of a pastel yellow background



1. Inject playful personality into an established brand

via colourful copy and video ads


2. Create eye catching quality content

through lively social media and billboards images


3. Driving sales

by placing ads in unconventional places

Bringing the Product to Life

We’re minimalists at heart, but love branding that really pops. When our team got their hands on Garden of Life’s new line of Collagen powders, we instantly knew the bright pastel colours would make a terrific landscape for our video ads. Our writers took the standard beauty tropes and flipped them on their head, with a clever play on words and eye-catching visuals to match. We cast diverse women over a range of ages to interact with the product in fun, fast-paced, and playful ways, and carried our youthful approach all the way through the editing room. 

3 phones with images of women posing with Garden of Life collagen containers on pastel blue, pink, and yellow backgrounds

Playful Pastel Portraits

We set out to prove that beauty can be nutritious – and nutrition can be beautiful. Our photographer worked with models of different ages and ethnicities to capture the lightness of youth and the confidence of age. Our fun pastel portraits brought our models and their co-stars – large tubs of Collagen – to life. Then we set out to make our pictures pop: in social and web ads, on Instagram, and on bus shelters and billboards.

Marketing Across the (Bill)board

We knew the vibrant blue, pink and beige Collagen products would pop on store shelves, but how many of our consumers were actually going into physical stores? We set out to meet potential buyers where they were at, with specially made instagram videos, internet ads, and large-scale installations. And we got creative in our approach: where billboards offer three different slots, we took the opportunity to feature three different products. Think of it as a 10 x 40 foot looping GIF!

A bus billboard with "flip beauty on its head" written in white text behind a woman with a container of Garden of Life collagen balanced on her head
Macbook with an Amazon page selling Garden of Life collagen on a pastel pink background

The final assets for this project targeted multiple demographics. They were used to promote the product across Canada via different media including social, YouTube, TV and Amazon advertising. The result was a significant jump in Amazon sales and a swift nomination for a World Independent Advertising Award.