Living Alchemy’s Growth Plan

Award-Winning Supplements

Living Alchemy’s Growth Plan

The Challenge

“The brand identity and sense of energy established was consistent throughout”

Living Alchemy had excellent products and an established infrastructure to distribute high-quality supplements across Canada and the US. They needed people to know their name, their branding, and their products by sight. Every creative agency in Vancouver will have worked with some sort of health brand. The challenge was making Living Alchemy stand out in a saturated market.

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The Objectives

Develop a brand aesthetic

to cut through a crowded marketplace


Create visual content

to engage, inspire, and inform


Boost sales

by building brand recognition and trust

Our Solution

We helped Living Alchemy to create an engaging visual style, video content, and marketing strategy.

Our explainer video sold the brand to people in an intriguing way, using a pacey edit and an engaging animation style. What could have been a dry educational video became a piece of art that excited people about the brand. A second video we produced, Happy Bellies, was conceptualised and executed entirely by the Kipling team. While the two videos were different, the brand identity and sense of energy established was consistent throughout.

The Results

Not only did we grow Living Alchemy’s Canadian market share but we also helped them break through to the US market.


new social followers per month


increase in organic search traffic


growth in store sales from seasonal campaigns


drop in bounce rate

A diverse strategy of seasonal and branding campaigns resulted in a dramatic increase in Amazon and retail sales all over Canada, as well as site traffic and overall brand awareness.




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