Rinse. Repeat.

Black Armour Bed Mats


Necessary. Strong. Protective. These words describe the Black Armour bed mat, but do they excite you? This description is accurate, but it doesn’t make your brain light up with possibilities.

If a truck bed mat is good, you buy it, put it in your truck, and leave it there until you get rid of the truck. Again, excellent utility, but not all that inspiring from a customer point of view. On top of that, we’re selling a working man’s product at a premium price point.

So, start with branding. We used the iconography of the construction and trucking industries. Heavy loads, dirt roads, hard work, and long days. The mat is stronger than others on the market, it does work harder. We wanted to show a relatable picture to prospective buyers and create a resonance with how tough the mat is and how tough their jobs are. A multitude of locations, times of day, and activities let the audience know: that this product is with you for life.





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