Why is Branding Important?

So many people and companies don’t think about brands and what they stand for. They don’t think about the type of message they are conveying on social media, on their website, or even when they walk into a room. They don’t think about philosophy or mission statements or the reason why they do what they’re doing.

Branding should be one of, if not the most, important aspect of your business. It should be the foundation of everything you and your company is built on. The reason is simple. There are so many different options out there for consumers to choose from. For example, once upon a time you had to use your local shops and suppliers. You had to print flyers at the local printer around the corner – who could basically charge whatever they felt appropriate. Now you can order your prints from China or Korea or India and have it shipped to you for a very competitive price. There are thousands of different suppliers you can choose from. Almost everybody now has to compete with either computers or competition from across the globe. The world is much more cutthroat than ever before.

Lasting Effects of Brands

Branding is time-consuming and it can be expensive but once you get it right, it will set you apart from your competition forever. Why do you buy Coca-cola or Tide detergent? There are cheaper, no-name brands on the shelf. So how are these companies still dominating their respective fields? A lot of it is to do with the brand the company created a century ago – yes, that long ago. And of course there has been changes and upgrades along the way but the basic branding concepts have earned those companies billions of dollars.

You may think. . . yes, so they’ve had a century to perfect their brand. While that may be true, everybody somewhere. Start thinking about your mission statement, your tone of voice, your philosophy – all those good things that go into a brand and start writing them down. In the long run, it’ll be well worth the time and effort you put into it as you slowly differentiate yourself from your competition and you see people buying from you not because of price, or because of your sales pitch because you’ve created a trusted, recognizable brand.

You will need to create a brand for your company and for yourself. Yes, you’re a brand too, don’t forget. Sometimes you’re an extension of a bigger brand, sometimes you’re a separate identity altogether. Nobody can get away in today’s world by being brandless. It is a sure path to obscurity.

If you want to start the branding process give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. We’re experts in creating brands from scratch or for companies who wish to do a rebrand.