We are proud to be recognized in Clutch’s top SEO Consultants in Canada list for 2019. Based on our work history, our ability to deliver quality business solutions, and our customer satisfaction, shows in our results. We look forward to developing more relationships, gaining more in-depth customer reviews, and more opportunities for growth through our relationship with Clutch. 

In addition, we have been named among the top content marketing agencies in Canada by The Manifest, which prides itself on helping users manoeuvre the buyer’s journey. This journey, which stems from a business obstacle and ends with a purchasable solution, is more straightforward through The Manifest. Furthermore, Visual Objects listed our agency as a top digital marketing firm. Visual Objects is a portfolio site that showcases agencies’ creative work in a visual and accessible format.

As a company, it is incredibly vital to promote your business online, and our partnership with Clutch has linked us to three websites, making us more likely to be found, more likely to generate leads, and more likely to help companies like yours find the solutions to their business endeavours every day. We are very excited to see what new partnerships and relationships form through these awards. Reach out to Kipling Media today to get started on your marketing strategy!